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FFP2 Masks coloured 1-250 pieces camonflage

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5 ply FFP2 mask made of nonwoven 45%, meltblown 30%, cotton 25%. Certified. Use once.



Mask made with breathable, skin-friendly, and high-quality material
It comes with an adjustable nose clip to give you an airtight seal for different face shapes
Masks are ideal for outdoor activities and everyday use
Protect wearers against liquid and solid particles of moderate toxicity
FFP masks have a bacterial filtration efficiency of 95% and above
It blocks dangerous particles like aerosols, vapors, gases, and even infectious agents that easily pass through other fabric-based masks
The masks have passed the European standards: UNE-EN ISO-05; UNE-EN ISO 12945-2; EN-13795

Why Are Masks Needed?

Masks are the most effective agents in the fight against COVID-19. When combined with social distancing and vaccination, high-quality FFP2 masks can form the strongest protection against Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Lightweight in design, these masks are made of premium-grade material that effectively stops and even curbs contagion. The masks are designed for health professionals and also people at risk of infection. You can wear the mask for a maximum of eight hours and they are not reusable. Whenever you go out in the public, the one thing you can do to keep safe is to wear a mask.

Our NR masks have a CE certification and facial adjustments to fit any face shape. With a filtering efficiency of 95% and above, you are in safe hands with these masks on.

FFP2 self-filtering masks can be used not only by health experts but also by the general population. The masks are packaged individually and the standards they meet are reflected in the container carrying them. Made of five layers of non-woven fabric, the mask meets the standards set by the EU, which is the EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 FFP2-NR CE 2163. This guarantees that the filtration efficiency is above 95%. And thanks to a metal nose clip that ensures it fits properly to every facial contour, the masks prevent fogging of the glasses when worn.

Features of FFp2 Mask

One of the main features of the masks is the clamps that adjust the attachment length bands, something that makes the masks adaptable to your needs, whatever they are. They also come with a support pad on the nose that avoids rubbing.

Another key feature is the five-layer nasal cushion that guards you against external agents like viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants. Wearing a mask may be as simple as ABC, but it sure is one of the best ways to stay safe from COIVID-19. Our high-quality masks guarantee maximum protection and safety.

But the one thing with most masks is that they tend to come in monotonous white color, which can be quite boring. Fortunately, there are colored FFP2 masks with the same or even better protection. Mask wearing doesn’t need to be a boring chore anymore. If anything, you can incorporate them into your fashion style.

Next time you are shopping for a mask, look for one that has CE Conformity from the EU. This ensures that the masks meet the right standards of protection and safety. FFP2 masks are also called self-filtering masks as they guarantee the highest protection.

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