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FFP2 Masks Quantity 1-250 pieces Blue

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5 ply FFP2 nonwoven mask 45%, meltblown 30%, cotton 25%. Certified. Use once.



  • Description
  • Light and comfortable
  • Have a BFE of more than 94%
  • They are single-use masks meaning they are not reusable
  • Come with premium-grade ear strips that ensure a better fit
  • These masks not only protect you from contracting COVID-19 but also protect other people from you if you are infected.

Elastic bands ensure ultimate comfort

Wearing the mask properly enables you to stay safe from splashes or droplets that may be harboring bacteria and viruses. This way, the mask prevents these pathogens from reaching your nose and mouth. Also, these masks reduce the transmission of the saliva of the person wearing the mask from being in contact with other people.

FFP2 Blue Masks 5 Layers

Our masks are made using premium quality materials that improve filtration rate and also stop contagion. They are also hygienic and 100% safe, preventing contamination of masks before being used.

FFP2 with CE certificate

Our FFP2 masks protect users from external disease-causing agents like viruses, bacteria, and pollutants. Featuring a lightweight design, they offer excellent protection against contagion and help to curb the spread of diseases. They guarantee protection from smoke, aerosols, and dust. The masks feature double elastic fastening.

They contain two soft side rubbers that make them more comfortable to the ears. The inner and the outer parts of the masks have the same color. This is important because it prevents the mask from getting dirty when it comes into contact with your makeup or skin. It comes folded neatly to make it easy to store. When wearing the mask, make sure you place it well on your jaw to form a large breathing space to enable you to use it for 8 hours. We recommend applying hydroalcoholic liquid to the mask to sanitize its interior parts. You can also perform it to make it pleasant even when used for prolonged periods.

This high protection FFP2 mask features a 3D design that makes it comfortable to wear. Also, it does not absorb water or irritate the skin. With this mask, you are guaranteed maximum comfort all day long because of the soft material of which it is made.


Our premium quality masks are perfect for protecting wearers against viruses and bacteria found in the air. If you are out in the public where you might come into contact with an infected person, it is recommended to wear these FFP2 masks to protect you from droplets and aerosols.

What are FFP2 masks?

FFP2 masks are also known as particle-filtering nose and mouth protection. FFP stands for filtering Face Piece. They filter finer dust and toxins, protecting you from contracting bacterial and viral diseases.

Are FFP2 masks more effective than everyday masks?

Simple nose and mouth covers may offer some level of protection but they are not effective in protecting you from particles and droplets. With FFP2 masks, you get both internal and external protection. FFP2 masks come in different versions. These are masks with exhalation valves and those without. The recommended ones are those without a valve.

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