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FFP2 masks colored 1-250 pieces light pink

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5 ply FFP2 nonwoven mask 45%, meltblown 30%, cotton 25%. Certified. Use once.




  • The mask features five layers that form a comfortable breathing space.
  • The nose has a special design that enables it to close completely tightly. This prevents fogging and also reduces instances of inhaling disease-causing particles.
  • It features a high-quality soft elastic band that prevents chafing or sitting too hard.
  • It uses a design that ensures very low breathing resistance, which is important in reducing moisture and heat buildup and also ensures comfortable wear when in use.
  • It is certified and approved by the EU
  • It has a unique design
  • Have comfortable elastic straps for both men and women.

FFP2 pink masks with CE marking

Our pink FFP2 masks have CE certification, meet the standards of personal protective equipment (PPE), and are homologated. Because we don’t use middlemen, our pink masks are highly affordable. The masks also meet the bacterial filtration efficiency of 94% and breathability requirements, meaning they are safe. They come in boxes containing 25 units.

Our masks are approved with CE

These self-filtering FFP2 masks have CE Certificate of Community or European certification, guaranteeing that they meet the highest manufacturing requirements. Additionally, our affordable FFP2 masks comply with the 2016/425 requirements on PPE double direction protection.

The masks are double protection PPEs, meani9ng that it protects the wearer o the masks as well as those near them. It is disposable, so reusing it is highly discouraged.

Approved 5-Layered FFP2 mask 

Containing  a CE seal, these FFP2 masks consist of five layers. Two layers are non-woven fabric with the other three layers being meltblown. This is a kind of non-woven fabric made using extremely fine filaments that filter air and liquid particles.

Safe and comfortable pink FFP2 mask

These certified FFP2 masks are manufactured using a heat-sealed design. It contains pink elastic bands that match the remainder of the mask. Also included is an adaptable metal clip on the nose, so it fits better. These masks offer complete protection because they cover your entire nose and mouth.

Filtration efficiency: How do they compare to other masks?

Unlike surgical masks that cannot protect you from inhaling minute airborne particles, our FFP2 face masks protect you from micro-particles and are very effective against COVID-19 prevention. These masks have a filtration efficiency of 94% and are 99% effective for particles of size 0.3 µm. their filtration efficiency is significantly high provided you oppress them against the face.

Is it comfortable?

Compared to a surgical face mask, an FFP2 mask is more restrictive when worn. That means they are less breathable compared to fabrics or surgical masks. Additionally, wearing these masks gives a feeling of condensation and heat, which is why you should change them regularly.

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