Fabric masks are fashionable, but FFP is mandatory

For some time now, there has been more than just a mask requirement in Germany. As a result of the new regulation, stricter measures now exist for the wearing of masks. Before that, it was cloth masks, scarves, bandanas, and more that you could wear in front of your mouth. Now not only all textiles were banned, but also cloth masks.

The solution is FFP and medical masks, which are the only ones allowed now. Up to now, the various fabric masks from Brine.ch were the most fashionable, as they had all kinds of colours and motifs. So everyone could find a mask that suits him. Unfortunately, it is now forbidden to wear such fashionable cloth masks.

Therefore FFP 2 and 3 as well as medical masks and those, which are equivalent to these but come from other countries, for example KN95, have to be used.

Increased demand for FFP2

FFP2 masks have been available here for a long time, but have never been in as much demand as they are now.

The big downside, of course, is that medical masks aren’t as stylish as cloth masks. We are trying to counteract this and have therefore brought out FFP2 masks with colours. Unfortunately, these are not printed with motifs either. But they look much nicer than the unsightly light blue masks that everyone wears. They are available in several colors from purple to green.

There is certainly one for you, take a look in our shop. You can find them directly under the FFP2 masks tab.

In addition to the colorful FFP2 masks, we also offer colorful medical masks. These two outstanding products can only be found here and as an owner of such a mask you belong to the few who do not have to walk around with such a light blue mask.

With these masks you can really stand out and stand out from the crowd. Besides, the colorful masks look much nicer than the light blue ones reminiscent of a doctor.

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