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Introduction of the silk masks:

Complete vaccination protection reduces the risk of contracting the coronavirus or spreading it, but it does not completely rule it out. If you are infected with the coronavirus and you don’t know it, a mask is very good at preventing your breath droplets and particles from infecting others. Since the coronavirus can be spread by droplets and particles released into the air through speaking, singing, coughing, or sneezing, wearing a face mask in crowded, closed public places where vaccinated and unvaccinated people are, is still a good thing Idea. The use of a face mask is still recommended in health care facilities and other places where people around you may have risk factors for the serious consequences of COVID-19. This includes people over the age of 65 and those with heart disease, diabetes, obesity, chronic lung disease, immune problems, or cancer.

Not only can it be uncomfortable to wear that extra layer, but the mix of sweat and fabric can lead to Us. The “mask” is real people! Fortunately, there are many options on the market that will solve this problem. For starters, you can try a silk mask. They are a great alternative to other face covers on the market and can help your skin stay clean. The most interesting brand that believes that beauty should be as comfortable as a good night’s sleep. THE MASK: This 100% silk mask is gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear. In contrast to other face masks, which can irritate your skin, the smooth, soft material made of natural silk hugs your face tightly and ensures a secure closure and a comfortable fit over a long period of time.

The importance of silk face masks:

Because of their good insulating properties, silk masks are perfect for summer: they cool in summer and warm in winter. Our silk masks are reusable and can be machine or hand washed after each use; a silk mask can reduce exposure to dust, allergens, germs and body fluids; it is not a respirator and does not exclude the risk of illness or infection. an elegant silk mask that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the skin. Silk masks are highly valued for their skin-friendliness. Our beautiful silk masks are the aesthetic opposite of the simple medical mask we see so often: they are a beautiful frame for your eyes, a frame for the eloquent windows of your soul; silk masks are comfortable, breathable, and repel moisture, which is a desirable quality in fighting an airborne virus. Silk masks are as easy to wash and keep clean as any other reusable mask.

As part of the research, Guerra’s laboratory examined the hydrophobicity of cotton, polyester and silk fabrics by measuring how well they repel small aerosol water droplets. The laboratory also examined the breathability of the fabrics and how regular cleaning affected their ability to maintain hydrophobicity after repeated cleaning over a long period of time. Guerra said his lab had chosen not to study the level of filtration of silk – as is common practice with similar tests – because many other researchers were already working to test the filtration ability of silk fabrics. This silk mask is not intended to protect the health or safety of any person, or to protect against disease (or any other risk). These silk masks have elastic ear hooks, a soft lining made of pure cotton, into which a filter can be inserted if desired, and each mask comes with a matching silk pouch in which it can be safely stored. This silk mask is gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear. Silk is known for its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. In contrast to other face masks, which can irritate the skin, the smooth, soft material hugs the face securely and is comfortable to wear even over a longer period of time.

Reusable silk face mask:

Made from pure silk, this face mask is reusable and incredibly lightweight, making it comfortable to wear, easy to breathe, and without locking in the hot moisture of your breath. Silk is natural, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. So if you’ve found cloth masks irritating your skin or you have mascara, these silk masks are the solution. It is a three-layer fabric face cover that is gentler on the skin. Silk masks are easy to care for and can be hand washed many times before they need to be replaced, and you can easily use them for many months. Silk masks are permeable to oxygen and moisture, which means they won’t choke the skin; Plus, they’re hypoallergenic, which means they won’t cause acne or other types of rashes.

Use of silk masks

Upload photos and designs to have your mask printed with and make it the perfect gift or joy for yourself. Pure silk is buttery soft, and our double-layer silk masks are comfortable to wear all day without affecting your complexion. Even better, this mask is reusable and can be hand washed over and over again without losing any of its amazing properties. Pure silk is a completely natural material. The amino acids contained in their fibers are essential for human skin and have the ability to keep the natural moisture of skin and hair at an optimal level. This happens because sericin (silk protein) binds to keratin (skin and hair protein) and thus forms a protective layer. The silk mask is a great photo gift for you and your loved ones. The silk mask is light and breathable and has a cooling temperature control. Slide a disposable filter into the inner pocket for extra protection and calm.

The silk face mask is gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear. Silk is known to have naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial properties as it is inherently hypoallergenic. The silk face masks are hand-cut by us and carefully hand-sewn with a middle layer of organic cotton between the outer and inner layers. The Silk Face Mask with filter bag is a face mask made of silk, with a filter, a bag for a medical filter and a cotton liningx /

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