Mask requirement in France - first impressions
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After Switzerland, now also France: since Monday, July 20, 2020, a mask is mandatory in public spaces. There has been excitement among the French population about mask requirements since the beginning of the pandemic. Opinions vary between “ça ne sert à rien” (That doesn't work) and “Enfin le port du masque est obligatoire!” (Finally wearing masks is mandatory).

Fortunately, despite critical voices, which predominantly prevailed among the young population from teenagers to thirty, the wearing of masks was widely accepted and practiced even before this Monday. From the local population.

The situation was different in the tourist strongholds: in the past few weeks, fewer and fewer people were to be seen without masks. Shopkeepers and supermarkets indicated this with signs at the entrance to their market, but some of the information was disregarded. And here the shopkeepers had a very difficult time with the reprimand - the detractors could be the long-awaited tourists and they don't want to be chased away again now.

In conclusion, it can be said that the decision to make mask compulsory is viewed positively by the population. And you don't really need to explain to her that the face mask actually helps. Nevertheless, at this point study results from the University of Munich on wearing respiratory protection and the connection with the spread of viruses and bacteria. Without wearing mouth and nose protection, the viruses are thrown out up to a meter when sneezing (see picture).

Article 2107 mouth nose protection study

With a mask, things look less nasty: the spin area is largely restricted. Thanks to the mask ♥ ️.