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How do you wear a cloth mask?

Learn when and how to put your mask on and off for the best effect.

How to use cloth masks

When using masks, a fundamental distinction is made between so-called medical masks and fabric masks, for which we explain in detail how they are to be used.

Cloth masks are worn in public, where many people come together or where the distance of 1.5 m for social distancing cannot be maintained. In these situations it is preferable to use fabric masks instead of medical masks, because wearing them is either sufficient or is simply easier to implement. Like any form of mouth and nose covering, they should help to limit the occurrence of infections.

For the most effective protection, you should wash your hands with soap or disinfectant before you start to put on the cloth mask, so that no pathogens get on the mask surface. When wearing it, care must be taken that there is as little as possible between the face and the mask, until there are no gaps. In order to continue to guarantee protection and not to contaminate the hands, it is important not to touch the mask while wearing it. If it does happen by accident, you should wash your hands.

The same applies to weaning. First wash or disinfect your hands, then remove the cloth mask, limiting contact between the hands and the mask to the two straps. If you want to reuse it, you can put it in a closable plastic bag. After removing the skin, repeat the hand washing and you are done. For regular reuse, it should be washed daily with soap and warm to hot water.

Anyone who has children younger than 12 should help them if they cannot use the masks safely and with their own hands.

Just wearing masks does not protect you from Corona. Therefore, always keep a minimum distance of one meter and wash your hands regularly.

To the mask

In addition to the best possible effect, you definitely want to wear a fabric mask that sits comfortably. In addition, glasses wearers often have the problem that the glasses fog up, which of course you want to avoid. To find the most comfortable mask possible, try different types and shapes. Usually the problem is that the straps are too tight or the mask keeps slipping off.

Tip for people who wear glasses

Anyone who attaches particular importance to the effect should buy a mask that fits well so as not to let air through. Fabric masks with built-in wire over the nose are particularly suitable for this and also to avoid fogged up glasses. With it you can adjust the mask to the fit of the face so that no aerosols can escape towards the eyes or glasses.