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FFP 2 masks are not washable!

Since the new mask obligation with FFP 2 masks risk groups and persons over 60 years receive at present partly free of charge FFP 2 masks. These protect much better than fabric masks, but also have many disadvantages. So with the cloth masks, it was always easy to clean the masks, making it possible to wear them more often and for weeks or even months. Of course, you should also replace them at some point.

The disadvantage of FFP2 masks

What is the big disadvantage of the FFP 2 mask? Well, it’s relatively easy to explain. While you could wear the fabric masks as described above for a longer period of time, this is not so easy with the FFP 2 masks. Unlike fabric masks, they are not washable, which makes it impossible to wear them for long periods of time and be sustainable. Various reasons are responsible for them not being washable, but the main reason is the filter, which would become leaky when washed.

Sustainability is already written in small letters for FFP 2 masks. In addition to the higher cost of purchase and pollution of the environment, they also consume significantly more resources and this in the form of their money.

FFP2 and Stoffmaksen in comparison

So if you compare FFP 2 masks with fabric masks in terms of washability and sustainability, they don’t stand a chance. Due to the rare reusability and non-existent washability, the FFP 2 masks are an environmental disaster. Fabric masses, on the other hand, can be produced with fewer resources, are made of more environmentally friendly materials and, above all, can always be reused, which is made possible by washing.

The bottom line is, FFP 2 masks are more expensive overall and cannot be reused as often as the fabric masks used previously. However, one must take into account that the FFP 2 masks have a significantly higher filtering effect.

Which masks are now the better must probably each for itself decide, at least if it is possible, if no FFP 2 obligation applies.

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