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FFP2 Masken Menge 1-250 Stück hellblau

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5 lagige FFP2 Maske aus Vliesstoff 45%, Meltblown 30%, Baumwolle 25%. Zertifiziert. Benutzung einmalig.



  • FFP2 comply with the European standards
  • Come in light blue color
  • 5-ply
  • Offer both internal and external protection
  • Breathable, soft, flexible, and good wearing comfort
  • Come with a flexible and extra strong nose clip
  • Made using high-quality fleece materials that make it highly breathable
  • High filter performance

Light Blue Color FFP2 Mask

Our FFP2 blue disposable masks are PPEs that guarantee respiratory protection and also are compliant with the European standards of EN 149:2001+A1:2009. It protects you from breathing in airborne particles and infectious droplets. The masks can filter out a minimum of 94% of dust particles and aerosols.

Despite having high filter performance, these masks still enable proper air exchange. If anything, you can even wear them while performing physically intensive activities. When worn correctly, the masks offer protection against germs, viruses, and bacteria. They have a filtering efficiency of 94%. These respiratory masks of the FFP2 protection class form part of PPE or personal protective equipment and provide both internal and external protection from infectious diseases.

Fit is critical on Effectiveness of FFP2

The best way to ensure maximum protection is to align the mask temple with the nose bridge. Research shows that when worn properly, masks form an almost impermeable layer to prevent aerosols. Also, even if you don’t adapt the nasal clip, an FFP2 mask will still provide better protection against COVID-19 than surgical masks.

Surgical masks have 1-µm particle diameter and aerosols permeability of 50%. An FFP2 mask with equivalent particle size has a permeability of just 30%. If you adapt an FFP2 mask well to your face, it reduces permeability to just about 10%.

Ergonomic fit

Our FFP2 masks are ergonomically shaped on the chin and nose and are flexible. It ensures optimal tightness when your face moves. Their nosepieces can be adjusted accordingly and are ideal for eyeglass wearers. The masks are also lightweight and have ear straps to offer extra support.

Can you reuse FFP2 respirators?

FFP2 respirators are single-use, meaning they should be discarded after being worn for eight hours. This is especially true for high-risk personnel like medical workers. They are at an increased risk of getting infected. But in normal use where the viral load is significantly lower, you can reuse the mask at least one more time.

 Does the exhalation valve protect against coronavirus infection?

FFP2 respirators, unlike fabric masks, protect not only the wearer but also the people nearby. But masks containing exhalation valves have a lower protection degree to people close to them without masks. With a valve, the filtering material will not capture the exhaled material. Thus, even though the masks protect the wearer from infection, those around them are not protected. They are at risk of infection from aerosols from the person wearing a mask that has an exhalation valve.

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