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Pink Civilian Mask - Pack of 10

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3-layer Civil Mask (Type I), single-use.

  • They come with extra-soft padded ear bands for comfort when worn
  • The masks are lint-free and non-sterile, which makes them very skin-friendly
  • They come with anatomically adjusted and integrated nosepieces
  • Can be worn for extended periods
  • Colour: pink
  • Disposable face masks for use once only

Face masks reduce the risk of infection

Apart from complying with government regulations, wearing FFP2 face masks also protect you from contracting the deadly COVID-19. Each face mask comes with a mouth guard that is attached to an elastic band.

Although FFP2 masks guarantee you a higher level of protection than cloths or surgical face coverings, they cannot completely seal off oral activity. This means that inhaled air can escape to the side. Masks only keep out a large fraction of pathogens that might be inhaled when someone sneezes or talks. Wearing this mask ensures that people close to you are protected.

High-quality face masks

Face masks have become an integral part of our attire since late 2019 when the first case of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China. Previously, only people in isolated professions wore these masks. Today, however, everyone is supposed to wear one when in the public. In some countries, it is a mandatory requirement.

There are different types of face masks in many stores. While doctors advised that any type of mask is better than no mask at all, if you want protection, you have to go for premium FFP2 masks. These masks are made with five filtering layers and protect you from the minutest of particles. They are made with fleece and adjustable nosepieces that make them adaptable to every face type. On closer examination, you will find that FFP2 masks have three layers.

The outer layer is non-woven and is made up of micro-fleece material that protects you against inhaling droplets from the air. The next layer is the filter layer and it consists of a melt-brown material that filters the air you breathe from bacteria. It also creates a strong barrier against droplets.

Lastly, there is an inner layer, which is also made of micro-fleece material with a heat-absorbing effect. Apart from protecting the wearer, this layer also ensures a peasant and a dry feeling on your skin.

This multi-layered nature of the mask has many advantages. It, for example, ensures that the mask has a high bacterial filtration efficiency of 95% and high breathability. Our FFP2 masks have been tested and found to meet the EN 14683: 2019 + AC: 2019 standard. Additionally, the face masks boast several practical features like an adjustable nose clip. The feature is especially important for those who wear glasses, although it offers everyone else more comfort and better grip. The mask is also free of latex and, therefore, ideal for people with allergies. The masks are single-use only, so make sure you properly discard them after each use.

Usefulness and level of protection

The filtering capacity of FFP2 masks on the outside, that is, the level of protection they provide to people immediate your surroundings, is 95-98%. This is their efficiency to filter out bacteria, which are larger than viruses. Viruses are up to 100 times smaller than bacterial particles. Masks can filter a small fraction of the bigger viruses, but cannot block the smaller ones found in fine aerosols.

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