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nail enhancer, mavala

  • Mavala nail strengthener protects and strengthens brittle nails
  • Gives your nails more strength
  • The nail strengthener gives your nails more elasticity
  • The Mavala nail strengthener also supports sensitive and soft nails

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The nail enhancer from Mavala – beauty for your nails

Mavala is a Swiss brand that is a specialist in beauty and nail care. The Mavala company offers a large selection of care products that precisely meet the needs of your nails. The Mavala nail strengthener is suitable for all different types of nails. It doesn’t matter whether you have soft, brittle or sensitive nails. The nail strengthener from Mavala is also very suitable for very sensitive nails.

A nail strengthener for beautiful and long nails

The tip of the nail is the weakest part of the nail, and this part is very little protected. For this reason, great importance should be placed on good care. Mavala nail strengthener ensures that this part does not break but remains strong. The Mavala nail strengthener ensures that the nail plate is hardened and strengthened. The different natural active ingredients are responsible for this. The keratin fiber is also promoted by using the Mavala nail strengthener. This means your nails are also able to grow faster. The nail strengthener offers your nails perfect support. Even very soft nails can be hardened with the Mavala nail strengthener. This can also perfectly prevent your nails from breaking.

If you also attach great importance to beauty and well-groomed nails, then the nail enhancer from Mavala is ideal for this.

The nail strengthener gives your nails perfect protection

Mavala nail strengthener gives your nails a special mechanical protective film. This means your nails are perfectly protected from various environmental influences throughout the day. The nail strengthener also has a regenerating effect. The nails can rebuild themselves completely again and in a natural way. The resistance of your nails can also benefit significantly from using Mavala nail strengthener. The nail strengthener ensures that your nails do not chip. Mavala nail strengthener offers you unique results in the shortest possible time.

This is exactly how Mavala nail strengthener should be used

So that you can benefit from all the advantages of the Mavala nail strengthener, the application plays a very important role here. Only if you use Mavala nail strengthener correctly can you benefit from the full benefits. Before you apply the nail strengthener, it is very important that all oily layers or nail polish are removed from the nail. The nail strengthener should not be applied to the entire nail, but only from the middle of the nail to the tip of the nail. The nail strengthener should also not be applied to the skin so that this skin does not harden. Then let the nail strengthener absorb for a few minutes. It is best to keep your hands facing downwards during this time. This can prevent the nail strengthener from getting on the skin of the nails. After following and following these steps, you can easily continue with your daily manicure. You should also make sure that you use the Mavala nail strengthener 2 to 3 times a week. Only then can you expect the best results. Once the nails have reached the desired thickness, you can stop using it.



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