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Mavala stop

  • Mavala Stop is perfect for nail biting
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  • Mavala Stop can be purchased directly online
  • Has a bitter taste

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Mavala Stop against nail biting

Mavala Stop is a product that should prevent thumb sucking and nail biting. Many people buy their nails. It’s a bad habit. Not only can this quickly become an uncontrolled habit for children, but many adults also suffer from it. Mavala Stop is a transparent formula that has a very bitter taste. You have the option of using Mavala Stop either alone or with nail polish. This product is also very suitable for children. However, this product is only suitable for children aged 3 and over.

The advantages of Mavala Stop

If you choose the Swiss brand Mavala, then you have chosen a well-known company that offers a diverse range of many different care products. The Mavala company offers a very large range, especially when it comes to nail care. The advantages of Mavala Stop are obvious. It is particularly suitable for people who suffer from the bad habit of biting their nails. The product has a very bitter taste, which can quickly prevent both thumb sucking and nail picking. Mavala Stop is transparent and therefore not visible on the nails. In just a few weeks you can completely stop nail biting thanks to Mavala Stop. Many experiences have shown that with Mavala Stop you can completely stop biting your nails within just 33 days.

This is how Mavala Stop should be used

Using Mavala Stop is very easy. The nail formula must be applied to the entire nail. This paint then needs to dry for a few minutes. The application should be repeated every 2 days. It is recommended that you use Mavala Stop until you have completely stopped biting your nails. Before you reapply Mavala Stop, the old formula must be thoroughly removed with nail polish remover. It is also important that you wash your hands thoroughly immediately after use.

Nail biting – a habit that is difficult to break

Nail biting can have many different causes. Nervousness as well as fear or insecurity can be a reason for nail biting. A lot of people suffer from this habit, which is very difficult to fix. To stop biting your nails, you must first recognize that it is just a reflex that is difficult to control. If you also suffer from this habit but want beautiful, well-groomed and long nails, then the Mavala Stop product is ideal. It can ensure that you can stop biting your nails within a month and without much effort. You will see for yourself what results you can achieve with Mavala Stop. You will be able to be proud of yourself!

Buy Mavala Stop cheaply online

If you would like to buy Mavala Stop online at a reasonable price, then you have come to the right place. We offer you Mavala Stop in our range at a very fair price. You can have the product sent directly to your home in just a few steps.