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Getönter Lippenbalsam – Candy



Lip balm, mavala

  • Lip balm Mavala provides protection
  • The lip balm is suitable for daily use
  • Moisturizes your lips
  • Mild care with a candy smell

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Mavala lip balm – protective and soothing

Mavala lip balm has many different properties. Not only the delicious smell of candy is convincing here, but also its nourishing effect. Mavala lip balm provides your lips with sufficient moisture all year round. Even if you suffer from brittle and chapped lips, using Mavala lip balm is an excellent option. The lip balm consists of many nourishing oils and vitamins, which means that your lips feel much softer and smoother immediately after application. The Mavala lip balm has all the ingredients that specialize in the care of your lips. Cold, heat and dry air can quickly cause your lips to dry out and become chapped. Mavala’s lip balm ensures that your lips are perfectly protected from drying out.

Lips need sufficient care

Because our lips naturally have neither shit nor sebaceous glands, they cannot produce their own fat. This means that our lips cannot provide sufficient protection against environmental influences. In this case, you need a lip balm, such as the Mavala lip balm with a delicious candy smell, that provides you with sufficient moisture. This is very important in both the cold and warm seasons. You will also notice immediately after applying the lip balm that your lips feel nourished and fresh. This is also the reason why it is beneficial to carry Mavala lip balm with you at all times.

Mavala lip balm protects against sunburn

Did you think lips can’t get sunburned? Then you are completely wrong here, because lips can also get sunburned quickly. The reason for this is that our lips do not contain melanin. The Mavala lip balm should therefore always be worn in the sun because it offers your lips very good protection against UV radiation. This means your lips are well protected from sunburn.

Lip balm Mavala – the best care ingredients

Mavala’s lip balm combines the best lip care ingredients. This way you can also be sure that your lips can benefit from long-lasting moisture. Cracked areas and brittle lips can also be easily treated with this lip balm. The skin of the lips is perfectly smoothed and repaired with this lip balm. You are guaranteed beautiful and well-groomed lips.

The lip balm also contains different vitamins that contain anti-inflammatory substances. These in turn ensure a faster healing process. But it’s not just your lips that can benefit from Mavala lip balm, it also offers sufficient care for cracked corners of the mouth.

Buy lip balm Mavala online

Mavala’s lip balm with a candy smell can be purchased quickly and easily online. With us you will find lip balm at a particularly affordable price. We only offer you the best care products for your beauty. Especially if it is the Swiss brand Mavala, you are well advised. Because here you are only offered high-quality, high-quality products. You have the option of ordering the Mavala lip balm directly to your home.