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foot bath salt, mavala

  • Mavala foot bath salt has a relaxing effect
  • Has a calming and soothing effect
  • The foot bath salt strengthens the feet
  • Can be ordered directly online at a fair price

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The foot bath salt from Mavala – strengthening and relaxing

Only if our feet have enough strength can they fully support us throughout the day. Our feet have to perform challenging tasks every day. For this very reason, they deserve to have something good done to them. In this case, Mavala foot bath salt is ideal. It is the perfect solution if you suffer from tired feet. A long, tiring day can be quickly relieved with Mavala foot bath salts. But the foot bath salt is not only very good for relaxing your feet, but you can also use it if you suffer from swollen feet, for example.

Foot beauty and comfort with Mavala

Mavala is a brand with a large selection of different care products. There are also many different products that have a beneficial effect on our feet. The foot bath salt from Mavala, for example, is ideal here. It has beneficial properties and is also very suitable for daily care. You will notice immediately after use that you will feel more comfortable and fresher. The foot bath salt gives you more strength and also has a very calming effect.

Especially in this day and age, when our feet are very busy, it is important that they are given sufficient care. Very often, the care of the feet is underestimated, which means that they not only look unsightly, but also lose strength. Our whole body can suffer from this very quickly. You too should attach great importance to the care and beauty of your feet and choose Mavala foot bath salts today.

The foot bath salt from Mavala is ideal for this

Mavala foot bath salt can be used individually. For example, if you suffer from swollen feet, then using foot bath salt is a good idea. But even if you feel weak and stressed, this foot bath salt from Mavala can work wonders. It is also ideal for weekly pedicures. A pedicure can be made a lot easier if you treat your feet with Mavala foot bath salt beforehand. This foot bath salt is also ideal for daily foot care.

This is how Mavala foot bath salt should be used

Mavala foot bath salt contains salt from the Dead Sea. It has a very pleasant scent and has an invigorating and relaxing effect. If you suffer from swollen feet, the warm water with the foot bath salts not only offers sufficient lightness, but also a lot of freshness. This foot bath salt is a real booster when it comes to strenuous and tired feet. The salt, which comes from the Dead Sea, has many calming properties, which are also very positive for sensitive feet. But that’s not all, the foot bath salt also has a very pleasant scent. The foot bath salt is very easy to use. All you have to do is add a pinch of the salt to the water and then soak your feet in it.