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FFP2 Pack of 10 pieces Unifree

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5 ply FFP2 mask made of nonwoven 45%, meltblown 30%, cotton 25%. Certified. Use once.



  • Has filter performance of 95-99%
  • Protects you from aerosols and droplets
  • Single-use masked disposed of after eight hours
  • White in colour
  • Contains CE marking on product packaging

Features Of FFP2 Mask

Our FFP2 masks will protect you for one full work cycle, which is about eight hours. It has been tested to offer protection to the wearer even in a place with a high they are exposed to PM2.5 and PM10.

The masks have high filtering power, which makes them maintain high-performance standards. This is thanks to numerous protective layers they have that filter germs and other particles in the air.

Perfect Fit – The masks are fitted with an adjustable and soft nose clip that makes the mask fit perfectly to any face. Additionally, it has elastic straps that ensure it fits perfectly for any face, even those wearing glasses.

FFP2 face masks protect wearers adequately from smoke, liquid and solid aerosols, and dust particles, keeping their respiratory tracks free from infection. The mask is disposable, and it is foldable to make it easy to carry. With filtration efficiency of 95% and above, the mask is your best companion when out in the public. Elastic bands ensure a firm hold on your face, and thanks to a comfortable nose bridge, the mask is guaranteed to adapt to any face profile. They have a CE certificate and comply with the EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 standard.

 What An FFP2 Mask Offers?

Our FFP2 masks fall in the category of PPEs (personal protective equipment) and give you a 95% filtration efficiency. These masks protect your respiratory tract most effectively from COVID-19 and other diseases. This is why they are recommended for use to people who are exposed to the virus directly, as the medical staff. Also, if you want a mask that gives you greater protection, our certified FFP2 face coverings are ideal for you.

All our masks have a CE mark that means we comply with the EU Regulation 2016/425. With a quality guarantee, buying our masks comes with great peace of mind. Thanks to their high filtering efficiency, these masks protect you and also the people around you. The letters NR mean the mask is not washable. You should dispose of it properly after use.

Using FFP2 masks

There are some simple rules that you have to adhere to when using FFP2 masks. Adhering to these basic practices will ensure that you get the best from your mask. The following are some of the things to keep in mind when using FFP2 masks:

Wash your hands before you remove the mask from your face. Alternatively, you can sanitize your hands with an antibacterial disinfectant.

Orient the mask correctly, ensuring that the metal foil faces upwards, so you don’t have to move it later. Make sure the foil adheres perfectly to your nose shape, and position the lower part under the chin.

Once you have worn the mask, you should avoid touching it with your hands. The best way to avoid coming into contact with your mask is to not touch the face at all.

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