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FFP2 Masks Quantity 1-250 pieces black

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5 ply FFP2 nonwoven mask 45%, meltblown 30%, cotton 25%. Certified. Use once.



This mask is Notified Body-certified and thereforE passed fit for use in the fight against COVID-19 and other airborne diseases.

The masks feature an excellent five-layer filtration system that guarantees a filtration efficacy of over 95%. This means that it protects you from all the suspended particles by blocking the passage of aerosols and other particles.

Each Black FFP2 mask comes with a soft, comfortable part in the nose region that ensures an optimal fit.

What are FFP2 masks?

FFP is an abbreviation for Filtering Face Piece, and they are characterized by their trademark coffee filter shape. Wearing these masks protects you from aerosols and other droplets. The 2 that comes after FFP is a designation of the number of aerosols that the mask is capable of filtering. These masks filter a minimum of 94% suspended particles. They not only protect you but also those around you. Make sure your FFP2 MASK HAS a CE certification as well as a four-digit number that points to the test as per European standards.

Buy FFP2 mask in black

The popularity of the FFP2 mask has grown exponentially. These masks also feature an ergonomic design and are not just ordinary masks that resemble a dentist. They give you a more elegant choice and not just the white variants. Wearing this mask shows you care about other people and is also a stickler for the rules.

Ffp2 Masks Black With Comfort

 These masks have an integrated nose clip and a curvature that makes them perfect to be worn comfortably. The curvature also gives you more breathing space. The masks are wrapped individually and neatly folded.

The softness of the mask and its elastic resistance ensures excellent portability, meaning you can wear it for extended periods without feeling any kind of discomfort. We also have in our collection several vivid colors to choose from. These can be blended with any look you want.

How long can you wear an ffp2 mask?

Disposable masks are single-use masks, meaning they are not reusable. Ideally, you should change your mask after 8 hours. Wearing it for longer will cause it to become damp when you talk, which reduces its effectiveness. Proper hygiene is mandatory with the use of these masks. Make sure you thoroughly clean your hands with soap and even disinfect them before wearing and removing them off. Discard the mask properly after use.

Can you wash ffp2 masks?

These masks are single-use, which means after wearing them, you can only discard them in a dust bin. However, if you clean them in the oven, you can use them at least one more time. That’s because research shows that baking the mask at 80 degrees can kill off SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. But cleaning significantly decreases the effectiveness of the mouth and nose to filter air particles.

What is the best way to put on FFP2 Masks?

Buying the mask on itself does not guarantee that you are protected from COVID-19. You must wear it correctly to realize its benefits. Make sure you cover your entire face and avoid touching the fabric. Handle only the loops of the mask

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